Hi! I am Esther, the founder of ThoughtsOnFertility.


Have you ever had thoughts like,

  • “I am a failure.”
  • “Why can everybody have a baby, except me?”
  • “Life sucks.”

You may wonder how you will survive the next time a friend announces her pregnancy. You are not looking for the holiday season with your loved ones because you fear the questions concerning YOUR family plans?

You may have tried to think positive, just to feel defeated again when the first negative thought hit your mind. Why can’t I even succeed in that?

Your home might be full of post-its with positive affirmations like “I am a mommy, yay!” and you wonder why you can’t believe them.

Do you feel sometimes paralysed in the face of this challenge of coping with infertility and all its related emotions, and the whole thing just seems too big to handle?

Than you are at the right spot.

Learn how I managed to cope with infertility and turned my life into something truly amazing.

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ThoughtsOnFertility will show you how to manage the most difficult challenge of your life and reach your dream of growing your family.

By following my blog and subscribing to my newsletter you will learn strategies and techniques on

  • How to address your fears, anger, jealousy or any other negative emotions.
  • How to deal with difficult situations like pregnancy announcements, Mother’s days, family reunions or situations when somebody ask you the question “When are you planning to have children?”
  • How to go to doctor appointments by feeling relaxed and centred.

After months you will be able to experience true joy again and you will notice the many gifts your life is offering you.

You will gain clarity, and you will be empowered to take wholesome actions, which will bring you closer to your dream of becoming a mother.

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About Esther

ThoughtsOnFertility was founded by me, Esther. I learned and used an inquiry technique called The Work of Byron Katie not only to cope with the emotional roller coaster of infertility but to turn this challenge into a life changing opportunity.

And this is what I would like for you too.

I used to feel down, almost depressive, wondering why I have been punished like this. Jealous at other women who seem to get pregnant without any effort, and basically angry at the whole world. My thoughts and emotions were a complete mess. Each time I saw a baby or a pregnant women I felt reminded of my own pain. So I isolated myself and felt more and more alone.

Practising The Work changed my whole outlook of my life. I feel now happy and grateful. I also have much more energy. I know that I have all the resources to handle any challenge that comes my way. I gained clarity so that my actions are not any more fuelled by panic.   My husband not only got back the women he married, but our relationship improved as well. And while I sometimes still experience negative feelings (I will show you why it is important), these feelings lost their grasp and I feel genuinely much more content and happy in my life.

I will show you this technique, The Work, which not only will help you to survive the period of trying to conceive, but will give you the strength to follow trough until you reach your dream of building a family.

As I have seen, we women on this bumpy road of trying to conceive, struggle with similar stressful situations and negative emotions.  I documented my journey to share my introspections and realisations with you on this blog and in my newsletter.

I work also on one on one with clients who report the same benefits I just described. Therefore I know that you will too.

If you want to learn how to turn this struggle into a life changing opportunity and come closer to your dreams of building your family, enter your first name and email address below and join me.

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Although English is not my mother tongue (as you might have noticed :) ) I decided to write this blog in the language of Shakespeare in order to connect with the biggest possible number of like-minded women. As I consider a language as a mean to connect with other human beings I trust that my imperfect English will not stop me being able to bond with you.

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