Learn to let go

How many times have you heard that you should“learn to let go”?  Too many in fact.  You get angry and think – I don’t want to give up my dreams of holding my baby! How can that possibly be good for me!?  Other times you might have been exhausted by fighting what is, and think that maybe it would be a    […]

Infertility emotion

How to Get Centred and Balanced in 10 Minutes

Other than doing The Work, another great way to reduce stress is meditation. Mediation has countless health benefits, it decreases depression, reduces insomnia, lowers blood pressure reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases just to name a few. If you are more interested go and check out the 350 scientific research papers done on the benefits of    […]

Dear Facebook, I have been keeping a

Dear Facebook, I’ve been keeping a secret from you…

I would like to share with you a beautiful,  honest and humble guestpost written by Simone who bloggs at www.bubblesandbumps.com.  I think so many of you if not each of you can realte to what she shares about living a double life, showing someting else for the outside world and hiding some parts of live.     […]