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Other than doing The Work, another great way to reduce stress is meditation.

Mediation has countless health benefits, it decreases depression, reduces insomnia, lowers blood pressure reduces risk of cardiovascular diseases just to name a few. If you are more interested go and check out the 350 scientific research papers done on the benefits of practicing Transcendental Meditation.

Mediation gives the mind a break. It puts our body what Bruce Lipton calls the “growth” mode where the body’s own healing potential activates itself. Blood flow to the visceral organs including the uterus, ovaries, kidney is unobstructed, nourishing them optimally. This is the state when growth and reproductive hormones are produced at optimum level.
“In my experience, this ( to achieve a calm state of body/mind through meditative exercises) is far more important than any type of medical therapy, be it interventional or natural. While external therapies are helpful at times, this is the only state where bodies heal themselves and achieve a change in ones reproductive potential.  And it’s fully within your control.” Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure.

Who has time to meditate?

To experience its lasting benefits it is recommended to meditate on a daily basis. Transcendental Meditation is practiced twice a day, in the morning and in the evening for 20-20 minutes. Other guided meditations take usually from 20 to 40 minutes.
But having an IVF cycle can feel like a full time job, which can become overwhelming if you have in addition a normal full time job, which most of us have.
In those emotionally charged, difficult, and busy times meditation is even more crucial than any other time in our life. We can make great use of the clarity and calmness which comes with it. In addition to the health benefits, mediation increases focus and productivity, so that you can accomplish more work in less time.

Therefore I would rather ask who has time not to meditate?

There are tons of books written on meditation, and I do not aim to reproduce them here. To give you a quick start, I copied hereafter a wonderful meditative breathing technique, which in addition to calm you can release energetic blocks in your reproductive system.

To practice it, the best way is to sit in a comfortable chair, with straight spine, the feet uncrossed resting on the ground. Place your right hand on your heart chakra between your breasts and the left hand on your sacral chakra, on your tummy just above your uterus.

It might happen that your mind will wander off and thoughts will appear during the exercise. Don’t be angry at yourself, it is completely normal. When you catch yourself thinking of something else than this exercise, just stop for a moment, give that story which was running you a name, and see it with your mind’s eye becoming smaller and smaller until it fades away. Now you can come back and focus again on your breathing exercise.

So are you ready? Here is the exercise:

Microcosmic Orbit(MCO) breathing process for enhanced reproductive health from Dr. Randine Lewis, author of The Infertility Cure.

Place tongue on the roof of mouth, behind the front teeth.
Inhale through the nose and down the center of the body, through the lungs down the rib cage, expanding the belly fully. Feel a pool of energy form in your uterine/ovarian area (the dan tien).
As you are nearing the end of the inhalation, draw the energy down the pelvis to the pelvic floor muscles surrounding the vagina or the perineum.
Release, and as you exhale, let the belly fall back in, and send the energy from the coccyx up the spine to the top of the head, down the forehead, and out the nose.

Perform this breathing exercise any chance you have. As you become experienced, the microcosmic breath should begin to flow as a single movement, and will be done effortlessly. You can enhance its effects with three areas of focus.
1. With your attention on the womb area, focus on what this original, creative energy feels like. Open up to your original qi; that which has been present before you were even born. Feel its infinite potential to create. Spend a few minutes with your awareness on this area.
2. As you inhale, expand the feeling of an open heart, bringing the immensity of your heart’s energy down to the dan tien. With each exhalation, feel as if you are pulling down any excess unwanted energy to the base of the perineum for release as you exhale up the spine. Spend a few minutes focusing on release.
3. Between exhalation and inhalation, notice the area between and behind the center of your eyebrows. This is the energetic area where perception of your environment is translated into chemical messages that orchestrate the entire endocrine cascade. Spend a few minutes becoming aware of the sensation of miraculous potential, as your perception of your world turns into a hormonal message.

Allow yourself to make this breathing meditation your very own. Some days you might be more drawn to focus on the womb, and your own infinite potential. Other days you might need to spend more time releasing. There also might be more of a call to a particular area of the body – the head, the heart, or the pelvis. Make this process come alive for you.

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